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Hi! I’m Maryann, author of "One Little Pig" and second-generation Chinese/ Taiwanese American. My mission is to make the Chinese language more accessible to all families, regardless of their level of fluency! 

was born and raised in New York City, and over the last 15 years or so, between college, work, and business school, have lived in 6 different cities across the US and Asia. I am now (finally!) back in NYC with my husband, Eric, and our daughter, Cassidy. 

Growing up, my parents tried very hard to ensure that I learn Chinese. I, however, tried very hard to not to (sorry mom 😅). At the time, I hated being forced to speak Chinese at home and getting sent to Chinese school on weekends. It was not until I was older that I began to appreciate and understand the benefits of knowing a second language. 

With a daughter of my own now, I plan on raising her with the same understanding of Chinese language and culture. It in fact became a family effort when my husband, who is Korean, started learning Chinese alongside my daughter in order to be a part of the journey. To try to make the learning process easier for them than it was for me as a child, I was motivated to write a book that my non-fluent husband could read and that our daughter would enjoy. I hope you and your families will like it too!

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