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Hi! I’m Maryann, a second-generation Taiwanese American and mom of a 3-year-old from New York City. My mission is to make the Chinese language more accessible to all families, regardless of their level of fluency, and to share more of my culture and heritage with the world through (bilingual) children’s books. 

As a mom, it is also very important to me that my daughter have a strong sense of self and be proud of where she came from. Hence Our Little Mando was born, to create children’s books that shine a light on our culture and heritage, and help our community feel more seen, appreciated, and understood.



  1. My parents are from Taiwan and moved to the U.S. before I was born. They settled down in New York, where I spent most of my childhood.

  2. Growing up, my dream was to become a professional tennis player. If there was still any hope of achieving that, that's what I'd be pursuing now 😊

  3. I have a B.S from MIT and an MBA from The Wharton School at UPenn, and currently lead strategy and operations at a medical private practice group. After which I started a medical private practice group. And currently own and operate a medical private practice groups

  4. While I hated going to Chinese school and resisted learning Chinese growing up, I’m very grateful my parents insisted on it. It’s been helpful to me many ways, from communicating with my grandparents to working abroad in China for a number of years.

  5. I’m still figuring out how to best teach my daughter more about her mixed Chinese-Korean heritage, but have started by writing bilingual children's books that she seems to enjoy so far! 

  6. My favorite things to eat are Lu Rou Fan (Braised Pork Rice), Hot Pot, and mangos. I’ve only recently overcame an allergy to mangos, so have been eating as much as I can now in case it ever comes back again.

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