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Welcome to Our Little Mando!

We create children's books written in Chinese, Zhuyin, Pinyin, and English that are fun and engaging for little ones on their bilingual journey!

Story Time


From the tallest skyscraper in Taipei to the sun-kissed beaches of Kenting, join Mei Mei and Black Bear on an adventure to see the best Taiwan has to offer!

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We wrote a book about Taiwan's tastiest foods, so it only made sense that we follow it up with a book about Taiwan's most amazing sites!

Story Time

A Little Book of Taiwanese Eats

If dishes like Beef Noodle Soup, Shaved Ice, and Stinky Tofu make you happy (and hungry!), this one's for you!

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A Little Book of Taiwanese Eats is a lovable rhyming book celebrating the tastiest Taiwanese dishes following our phonetic alphabet, also known as "Bopomofo" or "Zhuyin"

An English rhyming book with Chinese, Zhuyin, and Pinyin for dual language learning!⁠

Story Time

One Little Pig (一隻小豬)
As seen on Kickstarter!

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One Little Pig introduces little ones to Chinese through playful rhymes in Mandarin! 

Count the animals from one to ten—see what they like to do, see where they want to go!

*Available in both Traditional and Simplified Chinese


"I cannot express how much I love the rhyming!! It is sooo cute! Especially fun for little ones to read."

"I really love that it's a rhyming book in Chinese! Also, that it feels like phrasing I would actually use. Sometimes, Chinese books use phrases I feel like are too proper or uncommon for me to use easily with my own family."

"This book is a must have for parents searching for a bilingual Chinese/English book to read to their little ones. It’s the perfect book and I can’t wait to get it for friends and family."

—  Lorraine C.

—  Jylin C.

—  Jennifer W.

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